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Blooket takes learning games to the next level with its fun, multiplayer trivia modes. As an educator, you can leverage Blooket to boost student engagement and retention in a gamified environment. Follow these tips to effectively integrate it into your teaching.

Curate Custom Review Games

One of Blooket’s best features is the ability to upload your own study questions tailored to what you’ve taught in class.

Create a question bank covering key concepts, terminology, events, formulas, etc. Then use it to quickly generate a custom Blooket review game aligned to your curriculum.

This keeps material fresh and gives personalized practice. Students are motivated knowing it comes straight from your class.

Use Games for Test Prep

Use Blooket games frequently when preparing for exams. The repetition improves knowledge while keeping students engaged with the interactive format.

Pull test questions into your custom Blooket question set. Or create multiple choice that mirror the test structure.

Seeing material repeatedly in a game format boosts retention and readiness come test day.

Track Student Progress

As the game host, you can view rich data analytics on student performance within each Blooket game. See who answers quickest and most accurately overall or on specific questions.

Use these insights to identify weaker areas that need reteaching and stronger students who may assist others. Data guides your instruction.

Set Up Tournaments

Organize school-wide or classroom Blooket tournaments where students compete individually or in teams. You can even live stream games.

Tournaments add excitement around learning through friendly competition. And they flex Blooket’s multiplayer potential for collaboration.

Quick Access with Codes

Share your unique classroom code so students can rapidly connect to your hosted Blooket games, rather than searching.

Launch the game as students enter class so it’s ready. Post the code where they can see it. They’ll be playing and learning in seconds!

An Engaging Addition

The beauty of Blooket is that it doesn’t require overhauling your teaching. Use it to supplement instruction through quick review games and brain breaks.

Blooket’s blend of education and entertainment works. The platform has skyrocketed in popularity because students love the stimulating format. It energizes learning.

Explore all Blooket’s features and see firsthand how it engages. And know it can be easily tailored to any curriculum or grade level. Follow the lead of so many teachers already using Blooket to educate in more exciting ways.