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Blooket Game IDs: How to Find and Use Custom Game Codes

One of the most powerful features in Blooket is the ability for teachers to create custom game modes and generate unique Blooket game IDs to share them. These special game IDs allow students to easily access specific games their teacher has tailored to their class. Learning how Blooket game IDs work and how to utilize them opens up new educational possibilities.

blooket game id
blooket game id

What Are Blooket Game IDs?

Blooket game IDs are special codes that are generated when teachers create custom games in the Blooket game builder. Here’s an overview:

  • The ID is a unique string of letters and numbers like “abc123” or “74J832”.
  • The ID links to the exact custom game the teacher built.
  • Students enter the ID on the Blooket “Join Game” page to access it.
  • Each custom game has its own exclusive ID.
  • Teachers can reuse ID links for subsequent classes to play that game.

Game IDs essentially act as the link between the teacher’s created game and the students being able to play it on demand.

How Teachers Can Find Game IDs

As the game creator, here is how teachers can find the ID for their custom Blooket games:

  1. Build and save a new game in the Blooket game builder.
  2. Click “Manage Games” in the game builder sidebar.
  3. Locate the new game on your list of custom games.
  4. Click the “Share” button next to the game.
  5. A popup will display the unique game ID letter and number code.
  6. Copy this ID to share with students.

Teachers can also go back to retrieve IDs for old games to reuse in new classes.

Why Game IDs Are Useful

Blooket game IDs provide many helpful benefits:

  • Allows access to teacher-created games from anywhere.
  • Great for remote learning and distance education.
  • Gives teachers control over game content.
  • Easy way to direct students to specific learning activities.
  • Streamlines lesson plans by embedding games.
  • Convenient alternative to class codes.
  • Differentiates learning by assigning various game IDs.

Overall, the IDs make distributing and managing custom games incredibly simple.

How Students Use Game IDs

For students, accessing a teacher’s custom Blooket game with its ID is straightforward:

  1. Log into Blooket.
  2. Click “Play” at the top.
  3. Select “Join Game” on the left sidebar.
  4. Enter the game ID shared by the teacher.
  5. Click “Join Game” and start playing!

No class code needed – students just enter the ID and they are automatically placed right into the specialized game.

Tips for Managing Blooket Game IDs

Teachers should follow these tips for effectively utilizing Blooket game IDs:

  • Name custom games clearly so you can identify them by the ID.
  • Save IDs in your lesson plans for easy access later.
  • Create a bank of recurring game IDs to reuse each year.
  • Ensure old unused games are deleted so IDs stay current.
  • Send reminders about game IDs to absent students so they can catch up.
  • Disable expired games so students don’t enter defunct IDs.
  • Don’t share generic game links, only specific IDs.

Staying organized with game IDs ensures a smooth experience for all.

Creative Ways to Use Custom Game IDs

With game IDs, teachers can get creative in how they utilize Blooket games. Some ideas include:

  • Make unique games for each unit or lesson topic.
  • Design games tailored to different learning abilities.
  • Build scavenger hunt, escape room, or obstacle course games.
  • Create special holiday or birthday themed games.
  • Develop vocabulary, math fact, historical event, and science games.
  • Incentivize practice by assigning competitive game IDs as homework.

The possibilities are endless for engrained game-based learning!

Troubleshooting Game ID Issues

If students have trouble accessing a game via its ID, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check the game ID was entered correctly.
  • Ensure the player actually has a Blooket account registered.
  • Try refreshing the page or logging out and back in.
  • Confirm the teacher didn’t delete or disable the old game.
  • Ask the teacher to regenerate a new ID if needed.
  • Submit a bug report to Blooket if technical issues persist.

With some quick checks, most game ID problems can easily be resolved.

Looking Ahead at Potential Game ID Features

While game IDs already provide great utility, Blooket could make them even more powerful in the future by:

  • Letting students bookmark/favorite game IDs for quick access.
  • Adding customizable game ID names or descriptions.
  • Allowing student progress tracking by game ID.
  • Enabling teachers to set game ID expiration dates.
  • Adding accessibility options like text-to-speech ID reading.
  • Letting teachers group related game IDs into folders.

As Blooket expands over time, expect game IDs to gain even more capabilities for customization.

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Blooket game IDs unlock a seamless new way for teachers to connect specific learning games with their students. IDs eliminate classroom barriers and provide creative freedom to structure engaging lessons around tailored games. With this guide to finding, managing, and leveraging Blooket game IDs, teachers can maximize their utility for differentiated instruction. Get ready to take your custom Blooket game designs to the next level!