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Blooket has become one of the most popular online learning games for students of all ages. With its fun modes, colorful animations, and interactive questions, it’s easy to see why teachers love using Blooket for review and students can’t get enough of playing. If you’re new to Blooket, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started playing and making the most of its educational features.

Getting Set Up on Blooket

Getting started on Blooket is quick and easy. Go to and click the purple “Login” button. You can register with your Google or Microsoft account. Once logged in, you’ll be brought to the main menu with different game mode tiles. That’s it – you’re ready to start playing Blooket! While it’s geared for the classroom, anyone can make an account and play solo for review or just for fun.

Game Modes: Find Your Favorites

With so many game modes to choose from, new players should test them out to find their favorites. Here are some of the most popular modes great for beginners:

  • Classic: Answer multiple-choice questions to earn tokens and win prizes from the prize machine. Great for general knowledge review.
  • Gold Quest: Race to collect the most gold nuggets by answering questions correctly before time runs out. Fast-paced and exciting!
  • Crypto: Buy cryptocurrencies and answer questions to increase their value. Fun twist on the classic mode.
  • Racing: Answer questions right to move ahead on a racetrack and be the first to cross the finish line. Especially great for math practice.
  • Tower Defense: Correctly answer questions to place towers that defeat minions trying to walk across the map. Involves strategy along with academics.

Once you try them out, you’ll likely find a few go-to modes you’ll want to keep playing again and again. Blooket adds new modes all the time, too!

Customizing Your Experience

One of Blooket’s best features is the ability to customize games. As a teacher, you can upload your own review questions. As a player, you can personalize your character.

To change your avatar, click your profile icon and select “Edit Character.” Here you can change your character name, color, accessories, and more.

You can also select fun looking “blooks” when starting a new game. Blooks are the block-shaped characters used in Blooket. Match your personality by choosing a funny, cute or weird blook!

Playing Blooket

When you enter a game lobby, you’ll see the game options the teacher has set up. Once the game starts, questions will appear on screen. Answer multiple choice questions by clicking the correct option. For open response questions, type your answer and submit.

Try to answer quickly and correctly to earn the most points or tokens! Watch the animations, timers, and your position on leaderboards for extra excitement.

In most modes, you can redeem tokens to spin prize wheels. match blooks, or play mini-games within the game for more chances to win. The prizes are all virtual items like accessories and pets for your character.

Learning Through Engaging Gameplay

While Blooket is seriously fun, it was designed first and foremost as an educational game. Teachers can view stats to see student progress. Playing assists with knowledge retention as you repeat material in an interactive way. With so much variety across game modes, it helps all types of learners.

The games grab and hold student attention so well that they often don’t even realize how much they are learning and reviewing! Blooket is a top choice for getting kids engaged with classroom content, all while building tech skills through the digital format.

So now that you know the basics of playing Blooket, it’s time to join blooket games now and see what all the excitement is about! Try out different game modes, customize your character, and get those blooks bouncing. Just don’t be surprised if you find learning addicting thanks to Blooket’s brilliant combo of education and entertainment.