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With over 30 million players worldwide, Blooket has quickly become one of the most popular educational games for classrooms. The trivia-style games allow teachers to create fun quiz challenges to engage students in learning.

One of the best parts of Blooket is coming up with funny and clever blooket game names. A punny or amusing name will get your students giggling and excited to play.

Below are 50 hilarious and unique blooket name ideas to inspire you. We’ve included funny puns, silly rhymes, laugh-out-loud phrases, and more brainstorming prompts.

Funny Animal-Themed Blooket Names

Animals are an easy source of humor for blooket game names. Try these funny creatures and critters:

  • Book Worms – A wormy spin on bookworms who love to read
  • Turtle Hurdles – Slow turtles racing over hurdles
  • Sloth Quiz – Perfect for a slow, lazy game pace
  • Chicken Picken’s Trivia – Farm trivia with a chicken theme
  • Goldfish Bowls – Featuring trivia on pet fish

Clever School and Education Puns

Since blooket is designed for the classroom, education themes make good fodder for game names:

  • Bookin’ It – A fast-paced quiz on reading
  • Gold Medal Blookers – Winners with gold medal trivia knowledge
  • Book Marks – Questions on bookmark trivia and designs
  • Pop Quiz – Surprise trivia pops up like a pop quiz
  • School Daze – Back to school questions for hazy summer minds

Humorous Phrases and Puns

Funny phrases and punny quips also work wonderfully for blooket game names:

  • Trivia For Shizzle – Edgy trivia questions for the fo’ shizzle crowd
  • The Quizard of Oz – Wizard of Oz themed questions
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Quiz – Potterhead trivia
  • Elementary My Dear Blookson – Sherlock Holmes themed mystery
  • Planet Quizness – Out-of-this-world space trivia

Silly Rhyming Blooket Names

Rhyming names are always crowd-pleasers. Try these examples:

  • Q and A Hullabaloo – Question and answer rhyming fun
  • Jeopardy Jamboree – Rhyming spin on Jeopardy
  • Trivial Pursuit Riot – Rowdy trivia based on the board game
  • Query Stew – A stewpot filled with trivia questions
  • Fact Mac – Trivia Big Mac stack of facts

Amusing Alliterative Blooket Names

Alliteration utilizes the same first letter or sound. These examples apply alliteration in their names:

  • Amazingly Awesome Alliteration – Alliteration trivia
  • Silly Sentences – Alliterative sentences to decipher
  • Peter Piper Quiz – Tongue-twisting trivia
  • Brilliant B’s – Questions only starting with B
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Spelling – Spelling bee on this tongue-twister

Fun References to Trends, Brands, and Pop Culture

Making timely references to pop culture is an easy way to connect with students. Try these relevant and funny names:

  • Blooket Like It’s Hot – Quiz with Lil Wayne song reference
  • Charlie and the Quiz Factory – Quiz based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • The Blooket Gatsby – Roaring 20s trivia referencing The Great Gatsby
  • Legends of the Hidden Blooket – Inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple TV show
  • Blooket Shore – Referencing the Jersey Shore reality series

Wacky and Weird Name Ideas

Sometimes just plain silly or nonsensical names can get a laugh. Go weird with these examples:

  • Purple Monkey Blooket – Absolutely absurd name
  • Blooket, James Blooket – James Bond and blooket mashup
  • Bow to Your Blooket Sensei – Martial arts themed and reverent
  • Flapjack Nickelback – Pure silliness and randomness
  • Colonel Blooket’s Fried Chicken – Finger lickin’ good trivia

Creative Color and Object Blooket Names

Colors and objects can also provide fodder for clever names:

  • Red Hot Trivia Peppers – Spicy questions themed after red hot peppers
  • Orange You Glad You Played Blooket? – Bright and cheery orange-themed name
  • Tickled Pink Blooket – Featuring pink symbols and images
  • Silver Blooket Lining – Finding trivia’s silver linings like silver
  • Basket of Trivias – Questions dumped into a basket

Dynamic Duo Names for 2-Player Blooket Games

For two-player games, pair names together for double the fun:

  • Tom & Jerry – Cat and mouse cartoon mashup
  • PB & J – Peanut butter & jelly
  • Nick & Nora – Detective couple from The Thin Man
  • Lucy & Ethel – I Love Lucy besties
  • Hansel & Gretel – Siblings from famous fairy tale

Blooket Name Ideas for Specific Subjects

Tailor your blooket game name to the trivia topic or academic subject:

  • Multiplication Station – Math practice with facts
  • Philosopher’s Quiz – Questions about Greek philosophers
  • Globetrotting Geography – World geography trivia
  • Shakespeare’s Sonnets & Soliloquies – English literature
  • Scientific Method Madness – Science trivia

Make Learning Fun with Amusing Blooket Names

Coming up with funny and clever names takes your blooket games to the next level. A silly pun or laugh-out-loud phrase engages students’ interest and gets them excited to play.

Use these 50 hilarious blooket name ideas to spark your own creativity! Try out puns, rhymes, alliteration, pop culture references, and other amusing titles tailored to your specific quiz topics and subjects.

With over-the-top humor and delightful wordplay, you’re sure to have students giggling at the blooket names as they learn. Educational games can be both fun AND effective!