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As one of the most popular educational games, millions of students play Blooket daily to collect an array of cute and quirky virtual “blooks”. With over 45 blooks ranging from common to incredibly rare, completing your collection can be a challenging quest.

But with the right strategies, unlocking every last blook is possible with time and dedication. Follow this guide to optimize your Blooket play for catching ‘em all:

1. Max Out Your Daily Coins

The primary way to unlock new blooks is by purchasing boxes using coins earned from daily classroom games. Be sure to always maximize coins by:

  • Playing at least 20 games daily to hit the 400 coin limit
  • Using 2x coins powerup for 100 coins per game
  • Activating the Mega Multiplier for chance to double coins
  • Winning games to earn bonus coins

Saving up at least 1,000 coins before purchasing Legendary boxes improves your odds of new blooks.

2. Complete All Achievements

Achievements offer occasional mystery box rewards, so try knocking out as many achievements as possible:

  • Play games in every game mode
  • Answer 10/20/50 questions correctly in a row
  • Earn wins, max coins, etc. in each game mode
  • Invite friends with referral code

Checking achievements routinely lets you track and claim box rewards quicker.

3. Activate Blook Boost

The Blook Boost powerup provides a small boost to unlocking new blooks by increasing box rarity. It’s only 5 coins to activate Blook Boost for an entire game session.

4. Leverage Daily Spins

Make use of the free daily spin in the Shop for chances at mystery boxes, gems, and coins to unlock more blooks. Watch bonus ads after the spin to earn extra rewards.

5. Connect Your Account

Linking your Blooket account to your Google/Clever/Office 365 account enables trading blooks with classmates. Trading duplicates helps fill gaps in your collection.

6. Use Gems for Epic and Legendary Boxes

Though slow to accumulate, gems can purchase Epic and Legendary boxes which have higher probabilities for rare blooks you may be missing. Save up gems for new release blooks.

7. Check the Shop Daily

The Shop rotates special item offers daily so check it routinely. Timed deals for mystery box bundles, gems, and coins appear occasionally.

8. Participate in Events

Limited-time Blooket events like Headrush Heist offer themed blook releases. Playing regularly during an event gives you more shots at event-exclusive blooks.

9. Trade Intentionally

Once connected online, seek out classmates with blooks you need and offer trades. Coordinating intentional trades via social media or chat fills collection gaps.

Completing your blook collection takes passion and perseverance. But utilizing these tips will optimize your daily Blooket play for hunting down all 45+ blooks over time. Catch ‘em all!