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One of the best parts of Blooket is the ability to tailor games to your specific needs and interests. Whether you want to fine-tune settings or upload completely new content, you have the power to customize your Blooket experience. Follow these steps to modify Blooket games for more rewarding play.

Adjusting Game Settings

Within each game lobby, the host can tweak settings like time limits, question difficulty, and more. Here’s how teachers and students can optimize games:

  • Increase time limits for more relaxed play or decreased limits for a greater challenge.
  • Set question difficulty to align with current lesson proficiency levels.
  • Reduce player capacity for more turns or raise it to involve more people.
  • Toggle question types between multiple choice, true/false, open response, and more.
  • Shuffle team assignments for new group dynamics each round.

Tweaking these settings keeps gameplay fresh and aligned to learning goals.

Uploading Custom Question Sets

Educators can upload completely custom question banks to use in games, allowing for targeted review. Here’s how:

First, create a spreadsheet with columns for the question, correct answer, wrong answers, and type. Add rows with your own questions tailored to recent material.

Next go to “My Question Sets” within Blooket and select “Import Questions.” Upload your spreadsheet and the questions will be added to your library for use!

Custom questions let you review the exact concepts your class needs practice with.

Modifying Maps and Assets

For modes with interactive maps like Gold Quest, you can customize the maps. Other assets like blook designs can also be modified.

Download map images and asset files from the Blooket builder. Edit them in a graphics program to change the theme or add your own flair! Then re-upload your versions to see the changes in-game.

Give maps and assets your personal spin for a wholly unique Blooket adventure.

How to Join Modified Blooket Games

To experience customized and leveled-up Blooket games, simply join using the provided game code from the host.

Keep an eye out for games using tailored settings, custom curriculums, or modified maps and graphics for specialized play.

Joining personalized Blooket games lets you enjoy all the enhanced features unlocked by customization. It takes the Blooket fun to new heights!

So try modifying your own hosted games or join uniquely customized games. With these upgraded experiences, you’ll never get bored of Blooket. The possibilities are endless for creative learning gamification!