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Of the many cute and creative animal blooks found in the educational game Blooket, one exceptionally rare species stands out amongst students and collectors: the Teal Platypus.

With its bright aqua hue, funky bill, and ultra-miniscule drop rate, this secretive semi-aquatic blook has become the stuff of legend.

Let’s dive into the mystique and mania surrounding Blooket’s most extraordinary animal – the elusive Teal Platypus.

The Rarest Animal Blook

The peculiar platypus species itself is unique, as one of the only mammals that lays eggs instead of giving live birth. It’s fitting that the Teal Platypus is the rarest animal blook in Blooket.

Its reported unlock odds sit at an astonishing 0.00001%, significantly lower than even the game’s Legendary rarity tier. This translates to essentially a 1 in 10 million chance of discovering this mind-bogglingly scarce creature.

As a consequence, the Teal Platypus has attained an almost mythological status amongst the Blooket faithful. Sighting it feels akin to finding a magical unicorn.

Vibrant Blue Teal Coloring

True to its name, the Teal Platypus Blook sports a beautifully bright blueish-green teal hue unlike natural platypuses. This shiny aquatic coloring reflects light like glistening water.

When set as your character, the Teal Platypus appears iridescent against Blooket’s colorful virtual landscapes. The glossy teal coat and orange duck bill pops on screen.

Mysterious Backstory

Little is known about this blook’s origins. It is rumored to dwell only in the most hidden rivers and lakes around Blooket.

Some claim the Teal Platypus arrived from a parallel cartoon dimension. Others insist eccentric Blooket scientists concocted the creature accidentally.

Whatever the source, the Teal Platypus’ enigmatic backstory intensifies its legendary persona among students. Finding one evokes the joy of discovering long lost buried treasure.

Special SplatAbilities

In addition to its radical rarity, the Teal Platypus comes packed with exclusive gameplay perks.

Its unique SplatAbilities provide a triple coin multiplier for Fllood It! mode — the most lucrative in Blooket. This lets lucky owners rack up over 1,000 coins in a single Flood It! game.

The Teal Platypus also bestows 60 maximum lives in Tower Defense mode. And it grants a rainbow trail and double jump in Parkour mode, enabling access to secret areas.

These special powers make the Teal Platypus more than just a collectible trophy, but an actual useful gameplay item for those fortunate enough to have it.

Where to Find this Rare Blook

Since conventional boxes have virtually zero chance of containing a Teal Platypus, dedicated hunters have adopted some unorthodox strategies:

  • Trading every duplicate blook to new players in hopes someone unknowingly trades it.
  • Checking the Blooket merch store for occasional Teal Platypus plushie bundle deals.
  • Data mining game files for clues on unlocking secrets.

For most though, stumbling upon a Teal Platypus randomly through sheer dumb luck remains the only possibility. Almost no amount of grinding can obtain this rarest of all secret blooks.

The White Whale of Blooket

In many ways, the mythical Teal Platypus has become the white whale of Blooket — pursued feverishly but seldom seen. This blook is Blooket’s version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.

Owning the outrageously rare Teal Platypus puts you in the upper echelon of Blooket elite. So keep your eyes peeled in case this mysterious teal terror surfaces while playing. You never know what rewards the RNG gods may bestow upon you!