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With over 45 unique blooks to collect, some are incredibly rare finds in the popular education game Blooket. While common blooks like Book Wyrm and Calculator are easier to obtain, a few particularly rare blooks stand out for their low chances of unlocking.

Dedicated Blooket players covet these rare collectible blooks and show them off when obtained. Unlocking the rarest blook brings serious bragging rights!

Here are the top 5 rarest blooks in Blooket and your odds of scoring these coveted prizes:

1 – Epic Goldfish

The Epic Goldfish blook shines as the rarest overall. This sparkling orange fish has only a 0.0001% chance of being unlocked! With odds of 1 in 1 million, the Epic Goldfish lives up to its legendary status. Any player lucky enough to get this ultra-rare blook has hit the Blooket jackpot.

2 – Shiny Thing 1

Coming in as the second rarest blook is the aptly named Shiny Thing 1. Its counterpart, Shiny Thing 2, also ranks high on the rarity scale. These mysterious objects have unknown unlock rates under 1%. Their reflective sheen make them truly one-of-a-kind blooks.

3 – Fabulous Unicorn

What could be more elusive than a unicorn? With a 0.01% rarity rate, the sparkling white Fabulous Unicorn blook is a sight to behold. This magical creature stands out thanks to its rainbow mane and tail.

4 – Golden Bot

Golden Bot derives its name from its prestigious gold color. Belonging to the valuable Metallics group of blooks, Golden Bot holds a rarity rate of 0.1%. Its gold metallic shine helps it live up to its billing.

5 – Prismatic Axolotl

Rounding out the top 5 rarest Blooket blooks is the Prismatic Axolotl at 0.5% rarity. This translucent multi-colored blook is a treasure among collectors. The axolotl itself is an extremely rare amphibian, making this blook an apt choice.

Strategies for Unlocking Rare Blooks

Scoring one of these incredibly rare blooks comes down primarily to sheer luck. But certain tactics may help improve your slim chances:

  • Play often – The more you play, the more rolls you get.
  • Max out daily class coins – Earn 400 class coins daily for more boxes.
  • Complete achievements – Achievements award occasional mystery boxes.
  • Save up gems – Use gems to purchase Epic and Legendary boxes which have better odds.
  • Trade duplicates – Trade extras for new blooks from friends.

Why Rare Blooks Matter

Though purely cosmetic, rare blooks hold significant value in Blooket based on their miniscule unlock odds. Scoring an exceptionally rare blook like Epic Goldfish brings bragging rights. Some players even setup trades to get specific rare blooks they want.

Unlocking a rare blook also adds more diversity to your personal collection. Showcasing a complete set with elusive blooks can be very satisfying.

While luck plays a predominant role, dedicated Blooket fans enjoy hunting for these coveted rare collectibles. Catching just a glimpse of the rarest blooks in the game remains an exciting milestone.