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As one of the most popular educational games today, Blooket enjoys immense engagement with over 30 million players globally. But how and when did this powerhouse trivia game originate?

Let’s rewind and explore Blooket’s development, launch, viral growth, and evolution from its humble beta beginnings to a top classroom app worldwide.

Idea Lightbulb in 2017

The mastermind behind Blooket is programmer and entrepreneur Michael Sun, a Stanford graduate born in China and raised in Canada.

In 2017, Michael was running a successful educational site when the idea for a fast-paced, multiplayer trivia game struck. He shared the Gameshow-style concept with his high school math students who loved it.

Blooket was born out of Michael’s drive to create the most fun and engaging way for students to review school subjects. The name Blooket was coined to mean “little blocks of knowledge.”

Simple Beta Launch in 2018

In early 2018, Michael officially launched the first closed beta version of Blooket under his company Nutshell.

This basic build allowed quiz creation and multiplayer games of Settle the Score. The beta was tested by Michael’s local Bay Area classrooms to refine the game before wider release.

Opening Up Blooket in 2019

After months of improvement, Blooket was opened up to teachers everywhere in 2019. Features like memes, new game modes, class code access, and incentives like tickets were added.

Though still relatively unknown, core users were loving Blooket’s fun and fast-paced classroom quizzing competition. Parents even asked Michael for home versions to play with their kids!

Pandemic Explosion in 2020

Blooket was growing steadily when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. With remote learning, Blooket offered the perfect online activity for teachers to engage quarantined students at home.

Blooket exploded in popularity among teachers and students alike. Usage and signups skyrocketed with millions discovering Blooket’s magic formula for the first time during lockdowns.

Major Expansions in 2021

Riding outstanding pandemic growth, 2021 saw Blooket expand in major ways. An Android app launched along with single-player offline mode.

Blook toys were added as collectibles. New game modes like Tower Defense and Gold Quest pushed boundaries. By the end of 2021, Blooket had amassed over 15 million players.

Global Domination in 2022

2022 was the year Blooket went global. Localized into Spanish, French, and Portuguese, its worldwide usage doubled. Blooket was now actively played in over 180 countries.

Major content expansions like space, fairy tale, and dinosaur-themed blook sets kept things fresh as partnerships with Nickelodeon and Mattel formed. 2022 cemented Blooket as a top educational app.

30 Million Strong in 2023

In just 5 short years, Blooket’s trajectory has been astronomical. Classrooms on all 6 continents now utilize Blooket’s magical blend of learning gamification.

As of 2023, over 30 million students and teachers actively play. With continued evolution, there is no limit to how far this tiny 2018 beta can grow.

Blooket’s origin story shows how a simple but highly engaging idea can spread like wildfire when perfectly executed. Here’s to many more epic years of fun learning ahead!